Billy Johns – A Man of Real Estate

Being a professional in real estate requires the right level of customer service and the ability to generate success. Billy Johns has found high levels of success over the course of his career as a professional in the field of real estate by providing a dedicated level of service. His work ethic and genuine joy for conducting business shows when he is working with clients.

Billy Johns

Billy Johns

Billy Johns has established a reputation for being one of the hardest working real estate professionals by providing one of the best experiences in the industry. He prides himself on being a straightforward guy that has honest business practices. By communicating directly with his clients he offers easy qualifying for owner and private investor financing.

His 28 years in real estate have seen him conduct business across numerous avenues of real estate. Billy Johns currently specializes in a handful of real estate practices, including land trust and ranch management, real estate exchanging, international land and timber buying and the purchasing of national discounted notes. Additionally, he enjoys solving capital gains tax problems for his clients, ensuring that they pay less taxes and receive more cash flow.

Billy Johns maintains an active status in his community. He is involved with a wide range of organizations and programs regarding real estate and local recreation. He has been a member of the National Realtor Association for 23 years, the National Exchanger Association for eight years, and regularly participates with groups like 4-H, Future Farmers of America, youth little league programs, and community hospice.



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