Billy Johns – Taking Real Estate Service Further

Billy Johns is the type of real estate professional that most people hope to work with. He is a proponent of straightforward, easy communication with all of his clients. This means zero bank involvement and easy qualifying for owner and private investor financing. He has over 28 years of experience in the real estate industry, giving him the credentials as a successful real estate professional.
Over the course of his career in real estate, Billy Johns has established himself as one the premier names in real estate. His level of experience and expertise across the industry gives him a competitive edge over his peers. He specializes in many aspects of real estate, always giving clients options and guidance. He currently works as a land trust and ranch manager, a real estate exchanger, an international land and timber buyer and a national discount note buyer, but is always willing to offer his assistance where he can be of help.

Billy Johns acquired his dedicated work ethic and honest business practices from his hard working and loving parents. Billy was born in Florida where he excelled in school and was active in extra-curricular activities as a young man. He achieved A and B honor roll throughout his time in school and even received a scholarship to play football for West Virginia State, but he would turn it down so that he could work for his father in construction. It would not be until 1985 that Billy would pursue a career in real estate.


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