Billy Johns: Hard Work and Honest Business

Sometimes it is easy to cut corners and conduct business in a fast and furious manner. Every now and then you run into an honest, hard-working individual whose goal is nothing short of providing the best possible service to his clients and community. Billy Johns is that individual. Billy Johns has been a real estate broker and agent for over 28 years and his experience in the field of real estate has shown him that a hard work ethic will trump any sort of shady business practice. Specializing in real estate options, real estate exchanges, land trust management, and ranch management, Billy Johns has the answer to assist in all real estate endeavors. He especially enjoys working on real estate exchanges because of the capital gains tax aspect that allows his clients to pay fewer taxes immediately while increasing future cash flow. To him, this is a win-win for everyone involved.

Billy Johns

Billy Johns

Billy Johns preaches direct communication with individual clients and honest business practices to ensure there is no confusion with any business venture. Easy qualifying and little-to-no involvement from the banks allows for swift and easy conducting of business.

Billy Johns grew up in Florida where he was raised Christian and attended Christian schools for a short time before graduating from public high school. He received a scholarship to play football at West Virginia State, but went to work for his dad in construction. He is now a proud family man and enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible.


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