Billy Johns: Loyal Friend and Real Estate Agent

Billy Johns has been dedicated to the diverse field of real estate and land management for over 28 years. Based out of Florida for many years, he has received numerous accolades and honors for his hard work and loyal service. He has been recognized by Citibank for consecutive years of outstanding work and selling the most mortgages for Citibank. He was also honored by Mortgage Finance Funding, Inc. in consecutive years as Mortgage Broker of the year. Billy Johns business practices are sound and dedicated to providing the best possible service to his clients. He believes in honest, straightforward communication with individuals to make sure there is no confusion in business dealings. He specializes in 1031 real estate exchanges and enjoys doing them because it is a win-win for both parties involved. Capital gains tax problems are another specialty of his and his main focus is typically making sure his clients pay less taxes and increase cash flow immediately. With easy qualifying and no bank involvement, Billy Johns uses direct individual communication to ensure sincere and quality service.

Billy Johns

Billy Johns

Billy Johns was born to a loving mother and father and grew up in Florida where he was raised Christian. He was active as a young man, playing soccer, baseball, football, and would eventually receive a scholarship with West Virginia State to play football. He learned his hard work ethic from his father who worked in construction, and whom he would later work for after school. Both in business and leisure, Billy Johns is an honest friend.


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